Roger L. Simon

The Broken Road to Damascus

Wouldn’t you like to know what is going on behind the scenes regarding Syria possibly becoming an Israeli target in the current war? Superficially, the Syrians seem to be courting it. According to this Ynet report, they are still attempting to resupply Hezbollah with heavy weaponry, including the missile type used to attack the Haifa railroad depot.

Of course, some of this is due to the obvious – if Syria is seen as completely hanging Hezbollah out to dry, the Syrians are perceived to be weak indeed. But if they give too much support, they may have a self-induced disaster on their hands. Hard to know what’s really going on here because Assad Jr. is such a dolt. His father was a crafty old dog, so his intentions made a certain degree of sense. The eye doctor has always behaved like an ill-equipped son barely holding onto power, the Alfred E. Newman of the Middle East.

And then behind it all are the big psychopaths in Iran. We watch and wait. Pajamas Media may have up to date coverage, but knowing what’s going on behind the scenes is another matter. And reporting that honestly, still yet another.

UPDATE: According to Debka, Israel has already been making cross-border incursions into Syria. I now Debka is not known as the most reliable source, but in this case I’m betting it’s true. More on Pajamas.