Roger L. Simon

In other words ... it's a hudna

The Jerusalem Post has a summary of the much talked-about Palestinian prisoners document that is the basis for presumed talks between Fatah and Hamas:

The 18-point document, known as the National Reconciliation Document, calls for the establishment of an independent Palestinian state in the West Bank, Gaza Strip and east Jerusalem, and stresses the right of return for all refugees to their original homes.

The document also calls for the establishment of a new body to coordinate attacks on Israelis within the 1967 borders.

In this case the devil is not even in the details. It’s right out front. This is just another hudna. Well, time to keep building that wall.

UPDATE: Haaretz recounts a Sunday Times report that PA officials now see Palestinian civil war as inevitable. Also in Haaretz, the IDF is debating whether to arm the PA. Debkafile has a hair-raising tale of a visit to Cairo by Hamas leader Siad Siam. These people live strange lives indeed.