Roger L. Simon

A formal apology to Ward Churchill

On April 24, I wrote a post about Juan Cole’s potential appointment to the Yale Middle East Studies dept. stating that the university should go the “Full Monty“of irresponsible- wild-and-woolly-pseudo-leftism and choose Ward Churchill instead of Cole for the New Haven faculty.

I was wrong.

After having read Christopher Hitchens’ criticism of Cole’s arguments about Iran, Cole’s response to Hitchens (in which he accuses Hitchens of drunkenness while writing the piece and/or having someone else write it for him) and Andrew Sullivan’s well-honed analysis of the Cole response, I must formally apologize to Churchill. If Yale is looking for the best example of irresponsible-idiotic-wild-and-woolly-pseudo-leftism, they already had the right choice in Juan Cole. (via HH)