Roger L. Simon

A fan's notes

I was attending my daughter’s softball game right in the middle of yesterday’s Lakers-Phoenix playoff game. First things first, obviously, but every once in a while, I’d run off to my car to check the score. Not good. On the way I home I listened as the game seemed to dwindle away from the Lakers. By the time I pulled up in front of my house, laker.jpgthey were down 5 points with twelve seconds to go. Why even bother to turn on the TV? So I didn’t. In fact, I just assumed they lost and it wasn’t until I walked out of my house this morning that I saw this on the front page of the Los Angeles Times. Holy Moly!… Later on, at the demonstration, I ran into the guy at the left and couldn’t resist snapping him. There’s one demonstrator you know is going to assimilate. (By the way, for you commenters who put down Kobe Bryant every time I write about the Lakers on this site… and you know who you are… eat my shorts!)

UPDATE: You know the time’s are a changin’ when Shaq and Kobe’s new daughters are only born six minutes apart. Talk about your “late eclipses of the sun and moon”!