Roger L. Simon

No more "hudnas," thank you

Hamas leader Mahmoud al-Zahar has told CCN’s Wolf Blitzer that his party would offer Israel a “hudna,” if it pulled back to its 1967 borders. This term meaning “truce” or “armistice” as well as “calm” or “quiet”, coming from a verbal root meaning “calm”, according to Wikipedia, has become well known to anyone following post-9/11 events. We also know that its first example of was the Treaty of Hudaybiyyah in 628 between the Muslims and the Quraish, a Meccan tribe. Again via Wikipedia:

Two years later, in 630, a skirmish between the Bedouin and the Quraysh occurred; Muhammad considered this to constitute a breach of the treaty. Muhammad and his followers, 10,000 strong, marched upon Mecca and demanded the surrender of the city, which capitulated.

No more hudnas, please. How about plain old mutal state-to-state recognition.