Hillary makes a misstep

Hillary Clinton’s move to join the anti-Alito filibuster is a dumb political move, as is this accompanying bit of bloviation:

“History will show that Judge Alito’s nomination is the tipping point against constitutionally-based freedoms and protections we cherish as individuals and as a nation,” Clinton wrote in a statement during a fundraising stop in Seattle.


Good thing she just wrote it down because saying something that inane out loud would provide a perfect soundbite for Republican commercials in years to come. Clinton does not nearly have the sophisticated political ear of her husband. There’s a time to hold ’em and a time to fold ’em. The time to fold ’em came a long time ago on the Alito nomination. Only big time losers like Kerry don’t seem to know better. By aligning herself with the likes of Prince John the Hairful, she’s heading in the opposite direction from the Oval Office. I thought she and Bill were talking to each other again. Maybe they’re not.


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