Roger L. Simon

From Brother Ledeen

The conclusion of his new Iran article – Do the Right Thing – from NRO (read it all):

On the other hand, we do know what will happen if we continue to dither, if we continue to act as if the United Nations could possibly have a decisive effect, and if we continue to put up with the sly appeasement of Iran that is practiced by the spent forces of Europe. Terror against our troops and our friends will increase; nuclear blackmail will become a commonplace in the Middle East; the fanatics of Tehran may very well fulfill their promise to wipe Israel from the map.

Is that better than supporting democratic revolutionaries? Such a program has an additional benefit, one that is not subject to the doubts and uncertainties that attend the others: It is the right thing to do, and it would be even if Iran had no nuclear program, and was not the world’s leading terrorist supporter. It is part and parcel of our national mission, and it is the ultimate example of doing well by doing good.

How about it?

[What? No “Faster, please”?-ed. He must be getting desperate.]