Roger L. Simon

Will She or Won't She?

According to the AP, Iran just did what most of us assumed she would all along:

Iran removed U.N. seals on uranium enrichment equipment and resumed nuclear research Tuesday, defying demands it maintain a two-year freeze on its nuclear program and sparking an outcry from the United States and Europe.

The International Atomic Energy Agency said Iran plans to enrich uranium as part of its experiments with the nuclear fuel cycle. An IAEA statement issued in Vienna, Austria, said Iran told the agency the scale of its enrichment work would be limited.

U.S. officials denounced Iran’s move, calling it a step toward creating material for nuclear bombs.

“If the regime in Iran continues on the current course and fails to abide by its international obligations, there is no other choice but to refer the matter to the Security Council,” White House press secretary Scott McClellan said.

The U.N. council could impose sanctions on Tehran.

Or it won’t. I could be my usual wiseacre self and say “Anybody taking bets?” But this is indeed going to be an interesting moment in United Nations history. Hiding will not be as easy as is normally the case – or necessarily as productive. Some of the key parties (Europe) have very conflicting INTERESTS – oil vs. their lives.