Roger L. Simon

Talking 'bout my generation

Everyone knows Boomers are, well, a tad narcissistic. They won’t get off stage and it’s hard to get them to slow down or age gracefully. [You’re not talking about yourself, are you?-ed. Moi?] This is nothing important, all just fun and games…boombike.jpg… until you run into one of these leftovers from that old The Cheers classic (Lieber & Stoller circa 1955) barreling down the road next to you. Then it’s time to look out and hold onto your hat (or buy a helmet)! According to the AP:

Statistics show state motorcycle fatalities on the rise, with most involving riders 40 and older on bikes with the largest engines.

Nationwide, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s projected 2004 figures have motorcyclists 40 older involved in about 47 percent of 3,900 fatalities. They’re also expected to account for more than 60 percent of the yearly increase in deadly crashes.