Roger L. Simon

Jamie Irons examines NYT coverage of the French riots...

… over at YARGB. I too have been following the French crisis reporting of Craig S. Smith, which is quite typical NYT these days. I would be prefer they label articles like his “News Analysis,” but it doesn’t really matter. Everybody knows their biases anyway, just as everybody knows mine. (well, most people reading this anyway)

UPDATE: Far more interesting coverage of the situation in France from Brussels Journal than the NYT.

MORE stress for the NYT here and here.

ANOTHER UPDATE: It’s not just France and Belgium. Holland is now involved with four cars torched in Rotterdam. Of course, in the old days the groovy Dutch were famous for not being racist. I can remember driving around Amsterdam in free electric cars that resembled golf carts. But that was a long time before Theo Van Gogh.