Roger L. Simon

The Brutal Truth

I have been aware of gender inequality on college campuses for some time, but I was a little surprised at the ratio quoted in the new USA TODAY story cited by Instapundit this morning – 135 women to every 100 men and widening!

The implications of that for society are extraordinary. Many will offer explanations for this trend. Some will have their limited validity. But the brutal truth may be found…. as it often is… in the lyrics to a Grateful Dead song.

(Of course this Calypso song pre-dates the Dead. Here is a photo of the author.)

UPDATE: I was amused by the somewhat predictable commments below from the largely-male blogosphere audience. And, yes, I agree that there is considerably more practicality (and honor) in studying automobile mechanics than the PC maunderings of most college English departments… but medicine?… Console yourselves, brothers, with the thought that there are no female Shakespeares or Einsteins… yet. But first examine history and how it has played out.