Roger L. Simon

North Korea Dreaming....

According to many reports, a last-minute breakthrough was made in the six-party talks with North Korea and the NORKS are pledging to abandon their nuclear weapons program in return for the usual list of favors. Of course, there are devilish details to be worked out and all might collapse at any minute, but, as the NYT points out:

Progress in the talks may also give the United States and European countries some diplomatic momentum in their negotiations with Iran over its nuclear weapons program, which is not considered as advanced as the North Korean one.

Let’s hope…. The Times continues further on:

The accord finessed what had been the biggest sticking point in the latest round of talks – the light-water nuclear reactor – by leaving it to be resolved in future discussions. North Korea demanded throughout the week-long session that the international community agree to provide it with a light-water reactor before it took steps to dismantle its nuclear program.

The United States firmly rejected that demand, though it did not rule out the possibility that the North could retain some kind of civilian nuclear program down the road if it abandoned its weapons program.