Roger L. Simon

First PJ Ed Board Member Up - David Corn!

We are now beginning to post profiles of the PJ Media Editorial Board members on our site. That they come from various sides of the political spectrum should be evident by the fact that the first one is David Corn – Washington editor of The Nation – and the second one will be Michael Barone – Senior Columnist of US News & World Report. Besides being superb writers, both of these men share something else – they blog. Despite years of professional journalistic credits, they have seen the future of media and have had the flexibility to move with the times. Both men, moreover, are not ideologues. They are committed to rational dialogue and debate, something we hope will be a hallmark of this company going forward.

And since this is David’s day (weekend) on our site I will add a personal note. Although I have known his writing (as a journalist and a crime writer) for some time, we had never met until a couple of months ago when we had breakfast at the fabled Nate & Al’s in Beverly Hills. We hit it off and I look forward to sharing a drink again in DC, LA or at our launch in NY on November 16. But this time not coffee.