Roger L. Simon

Annals of the blogosphere

Charles answers former CU President Elizabeth Hoffman in David Harsanyi’s Denver Post column today. I suspect these duels between the academicians, politicians, MSMers and bloggers are still in their first phase. They are going to increase and perhaps get even more bloody as blogs continue to grow in stature and economic power.

Meanwhile, another example of Charles-bashing today can be found on the fire-breathing Salon…Yes, they are still there… under the “highly-sophisticated” blog title World O’Crap. The wannabe Mencken who blogs under that moniker attacks Little Green Footballs for linking a story from The Independent about a possible 100,000 trained terrorists now in Britain. Never mind that The Independent is one of England’s leading liberal-left publications… someone who names his blog World O’Crap could be ignorant of such niceties… or that the article raises significant issues for Britain and for the West: the importance is to bash Charles. Yet this man knows Charles from Adam. He assumes Charles is conservative on all subjects because he is militant on the WoT. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is the kind of childish partyline thinking that makes bloggers like this blind to new ideas and has turned Salon, an Internet pioneer, into an old fashioned publication scarcely worth reading.