Let the Good Times Roll?

Instapundit this morning has a remarkable assembly of links hailing positive developments in public opinion in the Moslem world. Respect for Islamist mayhem may be seriously on the wane.


Overly optimistic? Probably. But it doesn’t take Dale Carnegie to tell us that killing your own is not a good strategy for winning friends or influencing people (unless by influence you mean influencing them to think you’re a homicidal maniac). If all this proves to be true so quickly, all I can say is… take a bow, Mr. Wolfowitz. But don’t make it a long one, because, as the cliché goes, no good deed goes un… Well, you know. And then there may be decades more of this before it really winds down. And then there will be something else. And the beat goes on.

MEANWHILE: Amidst all the optimism, this powerful post from Iraq the Model… an SOS really… is an absolute must read.


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