Roger L. Simon

Al Qaeda Unfair to Apostates!

Perhaps they don’t realize that this 1937 book is still out in an inexpensive paperback edition. If they had made that small investment, they might realize the following is not necessarily the best way to make friends and influence people:

DUBAI (Reuters) – Iraq’s al Qaeda group said on Wednesday it would kill Egypt’s top envoy to Iraq who it had kidnapped, according to an Internet statement.

“The sharia court of al Qaeda Organisation in Iraq has decided to hand over the apostate, the ambassador of Egypt which is allied to Jews and Christians, to the mujahideen to carry out the punishment of the apostate … and to kill him,” said the statement posted on an Islamist Web site. The statement could not be immediately authenticated.

I’m something of an apostate too and have to admit this kind of treatment makes me nervous. Is this what I get for voting for Schwarzenegger?