Roger L. Simon

The Ideology of Greed

Those of us in the seemingly growing ranks of liberal apostates, like the eloquent Mr. Thompson below, frequently find ourselves under assault by our former friends who, at least in my case, often tell me smugly that sooner or later I will return to the fold. Since I have the normal level of insecurity, I sometimes think “what if they’re right?” and start gaming out my mea culpa. But always I come to a confused stop. What…exactly… am I supposed to return to? It’s very hard to figure out since the soi-disant liberal media and politicans have offered virtually nothing of a positive nature other than a tentative backing of gay marriage (somthing I already support and Kerry backed off even that), since 9/11.

So what’s left? NewsweekFlagTrash.jpg Well, I’m sorry to say that today the answer seems almost tragically simple because Newsweek has spelled it out for us. The ideologies of liberalism and progressivism, as they were known to us for decades, are not only dead, as the lady said… they’re decomposed. There is only one explanation for this cheesy and idiotic “America is Dead” Newsweek cover in Japan – greed. [Hey, is there a Koran in that garbage can?-ed. No, it’s the brain of the foreign editor of Newsweek.]

(via:Riding Sun)