Roger L. Simon

"The Pajama Game is the game we're in...

pajama_game.jpg… “And we’ll always be in the pajama game – we love it!” Well, you know the rest (if you’re old enough and you’re probably not). But in any case, as a reminder, Charles Johnson and I, plus some “Unknown Blogger” will tell all (or some) about our version of the Pajama Game (Pajamas Media) on Kudlow & Co. on CNBC this afternoon at about 5:40 Eastern. And speaking of Pajamas Media [Aren’t you always?-ed.], blog sign-ups have reached the magic number of 250. [Remember to give the email address.-ed.] Oh, yes, it’s [email protected]

UPDATE: Video of segment here. RadioBlogger, as per usual, has a transcript.

AND…. Due to the buzz surrounding Pajamas Media, a revival of The Pajama Game has been announced.(photoshop cred: Martin Larsen)