Roger L. Simon

The Pajama Party continues...

234 blogs have now signed up with Pajamas Media with many more in the pipeline. My partners Charles and Marc and I are highly gratified and not a little shocked. Responses continue to come in from many different types of blogs and sides of the political spectrum. Thanks very much to those who have signed up. The door is still open, of course, at [email protected]

Also, Charles and I will be appearing on Kudlow & Company on Friday (evening Eastern, afternoon Western) to discuss what’s going on with Pajamas Media. I haven’t asked Larry yet, but unfortunately I imagine we will not be able to appear in our pajamas. Kudlow & Company does have a dress code, I assume. (Just wait.-ed.)

UPDATE: Mike Malone, ABC’s Silicon Insider, discusses Pajamas MEdia today in an interesting column – “Blogs — the New Tech Boom, Zeitgeist of the Future?”