Roger L. Simon

Bolton the New Mugabe?

I guess to the oh-so-sophisticated Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois who gave his view of the UN ambassadorial nominee to Chris Wallace on Sunday:

WALLACE: Senator Durbin, is the Bolton nomination dead?

DURBIN: I think it’s in trouble. He wants to be our top diplomat at the U.N. but his life has been something less than diplomatic. He wants to work with people around the world. And he couldn’t work with people in his own office. And he’s supposed to be open, as our man at the U.N., to ideas from other people. And he’s been a real tyrant when it came to people he worked with, who disagreed with him. This man doesn’t have the temperament for this job.

And I just have to tell you that in the last 48 to 72 hours, members of the committee are receiving more information about John Bolton’s excesses that led up to this nomination.

WALLACE: Senator Graham, tyrant?

GRAHAM: Yes, really? You said it. Go prove it.

Let’s just be kind and say with respect to literate distinctions Senator Durbin is no Patrick Moynihan. He’s also clearly no Lawrence Eagleburger.

UPDATE: Of course, we could ask if the Senator has been following Wretchard’s continued unraveling of some hack’s UN mystery, but it might be over his head (Durbin’s, I mean).