Roger L. Simon

Coup in Damascus? (It's been denied, but...)

The Lebanese Foundation for Peace is reporting something very much like it, by Syrian military leaders opposed to their forces pulling out of Lebanon.

No newspapers are getting in or out of Syria, the media is controlled very tight, and the Syrian scene witnessed a dramatic, security deterioration the last 24 hours.

Precise Intelligence reports coming from Syria indicated massive army troops deployment around the capital Damascus. Most of the military Barracks of the Syrian Army around Damascus gave allegiance to the dissidents: Syrian Interior Minister Ghazi Kanaan and General Ali Safi. These people in the Syrian Army were against the withdrawal from Lebanon.

It is known that President Bashar Assad is in the city of Alleppo, assessing the internal situation within Syria and trying to organize a “forced” return to Damascus. (hat tip: Richard McEnroe)

The coup has been denied here. I am sure, however, that forces within Syria are at each other’s throats. More to come undoubtedly.