Roger L. Simon

Great Orwell's Ghost

It’s certainly been stalking the land a lot these days, quite often at NPR where they benignly referred to the terrorist/Islamist organization Hezbollah yesterday as one of Lebanons’s “most important Shiite political groups.” (hat tip: John Sipher) Orwell would likely have declared this parlance “objectively pro-fascist,” though NPR no doubt claims the mantle of “journalistic impartiality.” But I would remind the boomers at NPR of what Black Panther Huey Newton once told us. There is no impartiality: “You’re either part of the solution or part of the problem.” I’ll leave it to readers to decide which side they think NPR is on.

For those interested in hearing this bowlderization of Hezbollah for themselves, reader Sipher provides the following instrutctions:

Go to NPR’s web site ( and click on the All Things
Considered link in the left margin. The clip is the first story listedunder Saturday’s stories – the one titled “Syria’s Assad to Redeploy Troops in Lebanon.”