Roger L. Simon

Et tu Hosni?

TigerHawk has an interesting post about the seeming capitulation of the Eygptian strongman/leader to the new democratic trend. One day afte he was snubbed by Condi Rice, Hosni Mubarak announces a “new package of democratic reforms.”

Of course, we should be skeptical, but that’s the obvious. Hosni and his buddies were probably panicked about their aid checks. But more astonishing is the whirlwind-like power of this movement toward democracy. Even though elections in Egypt (still a big if, of course) would likely produce some form of Islamic government, it would at least be an elected one. Different patterns might emerge. The status quo was wretched, for the Egyptians and for everybody else in the region. Change, as they say in the I-Ching, is good. Let’s see if it is real.