Roger L. Simon

What's the Caption?

debate.jpgNeapolitan Football Fans Argue Merits of New Goalie from Castelluzzo

Wrong, obviously. (Sorry I couldn’t come up with a better joke, but it’s early in the morning here in LA and I have to go to a meeting across town. Perhaps you can do better.) No, this is a discussion among the audience after what Friends of Democracy’s correspondent Kasem tells us is Iraq’s first-ever political debate. (Okay, now the jokes start rolling. But I’ll resist.) Everyone interested in this election (and who isn’t) should bookmark the Friends of Demcoracy site for on-the-ground coverage as this amazing and historical event goes forward.

Meanwhile, some people continue to worry that real democracy cannot be born in violence. We’d all like revolutions to be velvet and orange, but then America and France, born in violence, still seem to be trucking along.