Roger L. Simon

Putting Our Money Where Our Mouths Are - Blog Division

Friends1.gif Jim Hake over at “Spirit of America” is starting a “Blogger Challenge” to see which blogs can raise the most money for the great things his charity is doing in Iraq. While I’m not big on contests (I hate to lose), I signed up immediately because I support so completely what Jim is doing. If you’re not familiar with it, click on the link just above.

And if you care to donate, you’re welcome to do so through this blog by clicking here. I’ve started the ball rolling by donating $100.00. I had two reasons. One, I support the cause and, two, that’s the bare minimum that has to be contributed through a blog for the blogger to win a “Spirit of America” baseball cap. As many know, I’m a well-known lover of hats. [Is that because you’re short on top?-ed. You’re fired.]

By the way, one of the many new initiatives SoA is involved in is the creation of new Arabic-language blogs in Iraq to counteract Al Jazeera, etc. (“Arabic Blogging Tool – Viral Freedom“). You won’t be surprised to learn that the estimable crew (Omar, Ali and Mohammed) at Iraq the Model will be involved with that. Those three gentlemen, who, with other Iraqi bloggers, have opened so many minds in this country to the realities of life in Iraq, are coming to the USA in December. I’ll be one of those hosting them here in LA. I look forward to meeting them and I dedicate all the contributions made by this blog to “Spirit of America” to them.

OBVIOUS UPDATE: Any other bloggers reading this, please click here to join in. Then click on “join the challenge.”

UPDATE: As of 4:24 PM Pacific, $1690.00 has been donated to “Spirit of America” through this blog. Thank you.