Roger L. Simon

Whose Lost Moore-ings

Jeff Jarvis is proffering the logical meme (not my favorite word) that Michael Moore lost the election for Kerry. I respectfully disagree. It might even be the opposite.

The execrable Moore offered Kerry an obvious opportunity to win the election – the perfect “Sister Souljah” moment. The candidate could have gotten before the media and said: “No, Michael, the Iraqi Insurgents are not the same as our ‘Minutemen.’ Our ‘Minutemen’ were fighting for democracy. Those Insurgents are fighting for fascism, theocracy, the oppression of women – everything America deplores!”

I’m sure Kerry agrees with those sentiments, yet he did not express them, instead allowing Moore to be seated prominently at the Democratic Convention. What is the reason for this? All I can think of are those two Spanish words – falta cojones. No, he didn’t deserve to be President.