Live in New York... it's the PLO!

Palestinian representatives said [Arafat] is in a reversible coma that doctors induced to perform a biopsy. But medical experts said doctors generally do not induce comas for biopsies. They said a coma is much more likely the result of the illness itself.


And we’re supposed to believe the Palestinian version of the Camp David talks? [The New York Review of Books did.-ed. Well, then it must be so.]

MEANWHILE: According to Maariv International (like Debka, not always reliable as it is interesting), Arafat… via a document handed to Suha [with a new charge card?-ed.]… has named hardliner Farouk Kadoumi as his successor. If true, good-bye Abu Mazen, hello more terror and bloodshed. At least you can say this about Arafat, he was a psycho-sexual sadist toward his own people to the end. Anyone who says anything good posthumously about this man is morally deranged.


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