Roger L. Simon

Debate Commentary

Both men seem tight at the outset. Who wouldn’t?

Bush mention Oil-for-Food at outset, but he isn’t explaining it to the audience. They don’t know what it is.

So far this event is horrifying because the audience is uniformed and sits there listening to KErry as if he were telling the truth. A sad situation.

I like Bush talking about popularity/unpopularity and the role of the President. This is the best part of the debate.

Kerry is talking about cooperation and intelligence as if they are the most important thing. THey are not. Resolve and power are vastly more important.

This war is a long long war. Bush telling the truth there.

Bush is actually looking pretty good to me. Wonder what the MSM will say.

Kerry does not seem relaxed. He seems like a snake oil salesman. All this “I have a plan” talk.

I honestly don’t know about the environmental argument. The Kyoto Treaty is less comprehensible than the Middle East peace talks.

When KErry says “I regret” about the the Bush Administration, he
begins the sentence with a lie. Where do we go from there?

Ah, the PAtriot Act… Everyone criticizes, but no one has read it… even though it’s only a few pages long.

The Stem Cell issue is a big phony. I would support embryonic stem cell research were I president, but I respect Bush’s view on this.

Bush on Kerry’s abortion nonsense: “I’m trying to decipher that.” Me too.

There is no question that Bush is a better man than Kerry.

What country is KErry talking about in his Global Coaltion? France is what he means and he’s a big fat liar. France is a reactionary state than embraces fascists. Shame on Kerry.

Kerry starts his close with: “Obviously the PResident and I have strong convictions.” Wrong. Only the President has convictions. Kerry has none. What’s his plan? After all this time, I have no idea of what Kerry’s plan about IRaq is. I defy anyone to explain it to me.

I thought this was a big win for Bush, but I admit it, I can’t stand John KErry. I find him the most fake candidate of my lifetime. LEt’s see how the pundits spin it.

In retrospect, it seems to me the one major point that Bush should have made… perhaps his strongest point… is that Kerry voted against Gul War I. It’s hard to imagine electing a President in these times who didn’t vote to stop Saddam when he invaded another country. But maybe we will. We shall see.

I hope Bush finds a way to bring that in during the third debate. He should.