Roger L. Simon

They Did It Again!

After making buffoons of themselves over the National Guard forgeries, CBS is apparently now promulgating yet more phony documents, according to Ratherbiased , this time to promote an already discredited draft hoax. You remember – it’s the one that says the Bush Administration is secretly preparing to bring back the draft (secretly even to them, because this administration, like it or not, has staked its entire reputation on the volunteer army). A week ago I blogged about this fraud, but very briefly, thinking only a fool would believe the email posted here and that serious news outlets would never pick up this kind of nonsense. Wrong again. Never underestimate the partisan illiteracy of CBS… or the ability of their allies to regurgitate their lies.

Now let’s get down to something even more serious. I used to think the job of the blogs was to criticize these media folks, be their online editors. But it seems they really don’t care about the truth. I know that seems an extreme statement, but think about. Everything seems to be about protecting their position. And CBS isn’t the only one. The nearly uniform disrespect for blogs and the trashing of the reputation of bloggers throughout the mainstream media over the last week is not coincidental. Many are threatened. We are making a revolution here, but as with many revolutionaries we are caught up in the swim of events, unsure what to do. Everything is happening very fast. You, our readers, are our anchors – help us, correct us and support us.

MEANWHILE: Barbra wonders “Where is Our Free Press?” [She could buy one herself, if she’s so worried bout it.-ed. Or two or three.]