Roger L. Simon

Vietnam Not

I believe the comparisons between the Vietnam War (whatever you may think of it now) and the War on Islamofascism, Iraq, etc. are close to idiotic, so I was pleased to read (via Instapundit) that one of the most famous war protestors of that earlier era, Oregon’s Mark O. Hatfield, essentially feels the same way. He supports the present war and is fully backing President Bush. And Hatfield was no part-time peacenik. He voted against nearly every military intervention of our times, including Gulf War I and Bosnia, both of which I supported. That is a measure of the seriousness of this situation.

On another note, I read in the same Instapundit post Glenn’s weary amusement at being called a “conservative” because he is pro-War on Terror. I can sympathize. I have had the same thing happen to me, even though my opinions are all over of the lot on many matters. People seem to treat political opinion like religious faith and have little tolerance for apostasy. Well, I reserve the right to think for myself, thank you. I have posted ad infinitum that I think “liberal” and “conservative” have become junk terms. Now I think it’s worse. They are an excuse for blindness and stupidity.