Roger L. Simon

Rather Revealed!

At last we know why Dan Rather, against all logic and seeming self-interest, has continued to stonewall on the most obvious forgeries since I tried to write a medical excuse from my doctor in the second grade. According to the New York Post’s Deborah Orin, CBS’ leading handwriting expert in this controversy has “other skills” that might actually prove useful to Dan, since he’s a man of a “certain age”….

Analyst Marcel Matley lists “Spirituality in Handwriting” and “Female/Male Traits in Handwriting” on the Web site for a foundation he serves as librarian. They were privately printed, but another analyst provided portions to The Post.

In “Spirituality in Handwriting,” Matley assesses a woman’slibidinal energy” based on her handwriting.

Voilà!… Perhaps Dan wants to share these “findings” with fellow anchorman Peter Jennings. From what I’ve heard, he’d be interested. (hat tip: Maria Horvath)