Roger L. Simon

I Take It Back [Is that a first?-ed. You know it's not.]

Earlier today, just two posts down, I said I wasn’t much concerned by John Kerry’s behavior over thirty years ago. But it seems that a lot of people who were there feel differently. In fact, as of now, only one of the twenty odd of his co-swift boat pilots are backing him up.

This reminds me of a story that Ned Tanen, Universal’s head of production in the eighties, used to tell the writers and directors on the lot then when they were having problems with their movies: If one person says you’re drunk, ignore him. If six people say you’re drunk, sit down. I don’t think Kerry is going to sit down, but maybe he should. And as Instapundit notes, the candidate asked for it by making his supposed heroism in the Vietnam War, of all things, the centerpiece of his presidential campaign in 2004. As most know, I was never supporting Kerry. After viewing this ad… and normally I find ads pointless… I’m not about to reconsider. He better have a good answer to these allegations, other than the ad being paid for by Bush People, because that dog don’t hunt. We need the truth.

(Warning: the ad linked under “feeling differently” is quite popular at the moment. When you finally see it, you’ll know why.)