Roger L. Simon

The Plame/Wilson Affair - Worse Than You Think

Instapundit is gloating this morning… as well he should [You should too. -ed. Aw, schucks]… about smelling a rat at the outset of the Plame/Wilson Scandal.

But wait–there’s more….A LOT MORE. Wilson is no ordinary rat, the likes of which have abounded in virtually every political party since time immemorial. He is a deeply evil human being willing to lie and obfuscate for temporary political gain about a homicidal dictator’s search for weapon’s grade uranium. Think about that when you walk into your dining room tonight and sit down to dinner with your family. And think about this — John Kerry, The New York Times, even some bloggers are willing to soft-pedal this. And they call themselves “liberals.” Puh-leeze!

UPDATE: Raging_Toroid below correctly points out that the uranium involved was “yellowcake,” which is not “weapon’s grade” but “weaponizable.” That latter was the word I used in the first draft of my post until I discovered it is not (yet) in the dictionary. Then I made a sloppy mistake, for which I apologize. The intent remains the same, of course.