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Is Twitter Really Censoring National Review?

An hour or two ago, I posted through Twitter a link to “The Mulish Stupidity of Clinton-Obama Counterterrorism,” Andrew McCarthy’s incisive essay on the subject named in his title. A reader sent me a notice that when she clicked on the link, up popped a notice that the essay, by one of America’s most distinguished journalists in one of America’s most distinguished (indeed venerable) journals of opinion, was blocked as being  “potentially harmful or associated with a violation of Twitter’s Terms of Service.” The possible torts listed mention sites that could steal your passwords or other personal information, install malicious software on your computer, or — bland generality — violate those “terms of service.”  I had a look at those terms but could find nothing that covered what I suspect is the relevant interdiction, namely expressing a heterodox political opinion in forthright and robust terms. Perhaps there is something else which I do not immediately understand that’s at play here, but prima facie it looks to me like blatant political suppression of free expression. Am I wrong?
Screen Shot 2016-09-19 at 8.32.14 PM

UPDATE: Having heard from several readers, it seems that the problem may be NR’s web site, not overzealousness on Twitter’s part.