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Watching the Democrats Commit Suicide

So the Senate Democrats just defeated the $8 billion Keystone XL pipeline by 1 vote. Sitting duck Mary Landrieu — the soon-to-be former senator from Louisiana — begged her Democratic colleagues to vote for the energy-and-job-creating project but, no, the Fauxcahontas Elizabeth Warren “Green” wing of the party chose leftist sanctimoniousness over practicality.

Here’s the thing about energy: we need as much of it as we can get as cheaply as possible. Are you worried about “the environment,” “peak oil,” etc.? Then you should be an aivd supporter of fracking, the Keystone pipeline, and any other means of extracting fossil fuels from the bounty of the Earth. Why? Because what the United States needs is cheap, abundant energy, period (as the president might say). The reason is that if you want to help the downtrodden, save the environment, preserve the wetlands, and make the world safe for unbearable gasbags like Elizabeth Warren, then you need money. And to get money you need energy, lots and lots of energy.  Let’s say you are interested in developing viable alternatives to carbon-based fuels: how would you do it?  By basic research and an accumulation of engineering experiments.

What is the indispensable prerequisite for undertaking those tasks wholeheartedly? Money, wealth, prosperity. Without those golden keys, there is no research to speak of and little in the way of experimentation. The liberal (i.e., the wacko) wing of the Democratic Party doesn’t seem to understand that.

Or maybe it does understand it but chooses to ignore it. After all, a lack of resources does not hamper Elizabeth Warren’s movements. It merely hurts the people she pretends to serve. Air Force records show that Barack Obama charged the taxpayers $1,539,402.10 for his Labor Day travels for “fundraising, personal business, and politicking.” As Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton put it, “This Labor Day back-and-forth shows President Obama seems to confuse Air Force One with Uber.”


Meanwhile, there are 42,000 jobs and $2 billion in revenue that will go missing because the president and his cadre of global warming fanatics refuse to approve the Keystone pipeline. The midterm elections earlier this month show that the people have awakened from their dogmatic slumbers.

This latest folly by ideologically-motivated Democrats, who put their party before the people they supposedly serve, is a prescription for suicide. We witnessed part of that ritual earlier this month when the people issued their tart referendum on Obama’s policies. The concluding pieces will come in the following months as Obama endeavors to circumvent Congress and the Constitution and govern by dictatorial fiat. The Founders feared just such an eventuality, and they provide a mechanism for dealing with a rogue executive.

Before the election there were few voices on the right that dared to utter the i-word. Now you can scarcely turn on a television news show or scan the latest headlines without stumbling across the word. The country’s experience with Bill Clinton still has people terrified of impeachment. But an errant president, bent on imposing his will on the country, in contravention of the Constitution and against the wishes of the majority of the people, has no mandate. On the contrary, he has lost the confidence of the country. With every day that passes, the chances improve that his impeachment would be followed by conviction in the Senate.

We’re not there, not yet. But the president has made it clear that, far from being chastened by his humiliating defeat at the polls, he is ready to “double down,” go it alone, and engage in an all-out dictatorial press. The people, I predict, will not stand for that. And once that is clear, the Senate will, however reluctantly, take up the process where the House will have left off. Impeach. Convict. Remove. Unless the president changes course, and soon, that will be the mantra  in 2015.


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