Obama, the melodrama. Installment 765, in which I apologize for asking the President to apologize

“Obama off on billion dollar vacation while America burns down.”

You might think that was a headline from today’s news, which includes a report about President Downgrade’s latest Martha’s Vineyard retreat. But, no, it’s from the Phoenix Conservative Examiner on 3 November 2010:


Obama off on billion dollar vacation while America burns down.”

That might well be an epithet for this disastrous administration: swift-footed Achilles; gray-eyed Athena; golf-playing Obama. One for the history books.

Already in 2010, I and others were referring to him as “President Holiday.” “Has any president,” I wondered back then, “ever taken as many vacations as he?”

That was back in the good old days of 2010 when the federal debt was only $14 trillion and the stock market was on its way up, thanks to the orgy of public debt engineered by Ben Bernanke and Timothy “taxes-are-for-the-little-people” Geithner.

I thought it was breathtaking when, a week or so a ago, the market dropped by 265 points. Of course, that was just a warm-up for August 4th’s drop of 512 points, Standard & Poors’s downgrading of America’s credit worthiness, a 600-and-something point drop in response to President Downgrade’s press conference about his upcoming holiday — I mean, about the “urgent” nature of the country’s financial situation, and yesterday’s drop of another 500-odd points.

The other day, in the wake of the S&P downgrade, I called on the President to apologize to the American people for the reckless irresponsibility with which he has (failed) to discharge his duties. He should, I said, “say he’s sorry for his failure of leadership. Sorry for his utopian economic illiteracy. Sorry for putting ideology above political wisdom.” It would, I reflected, have been “the manly, the honorable thing to do.”
[pullquote]Placards should line every street his car passes with the same statement — You have botched your job — resign.[/pullquote]


But I knew he wouldn’t do it. I said he would “blame Standard & Poors. Or George W. Bush. Or the Tea Party. Or all three.” And so he has. No surprise there. Blames others for everything — except his successes, e.g., his elimination of Osama bin Laden, a triumph made possible by the careful preparations of George W. Bush who, for some reason, was never mentioned by the Holiday-taker-in-Chief when taking credit for the killing bin Laden.

But a reader points out that I was wrong to suggest that Obama apologize. Things have gone too far for that. “You recently opined,” wrote my correspondent,

that what Barack should do is apologize. Nope . . . too little too late. He wanted this job, it was too big for him, he screwed it up royally, and while we can’t fire him while he still has a few months left on his contract, we can ask him to resign. Yes, that’s it. Placards should line every street his car passes with the same statement — You have botched your job — resign.

After all, Nixon resigned and he did far less harm to the whole country that Barack has done. And while Joe B. is a dope, he seems a more amiable dope, and we can giggle at his missteps rather than cringe at Barack’s bloviating, as we do. Sort of like Ford coming after Nixon.

So, raise up the cry: Be a man and Resign. You failed at your job — Resign. RESIGN.


I think my friend may be on to something. I was wrong. I should’t have asked the President to apologize. I apologize for that. When it comes to Barack Obama, we should forget “Apologize.” He should stay there in Martha’s Vineyard. He shouldn’t apologize. He should resign.


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