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A word about The New Criterion

In the catalogue of Dr. Kimball’s Amazing Facts, one choice item I offer for your contemplation is the fact that The New Criterion is shortly to begin celebrating its 30th Anniversary. Yes, that’s right: the magazine that I began writing for just last month, viz. 1983, will bear the legend Volume 30 Number in its September issue.

Tempus, as it is wont to do, fugit. You’ll be hearing more about this amazing longevity in due course, when Oprah returns to television to mark this august occasion and Congress holds a joint session to articulate the thanks of a grateful nation for The New Criterion‘s contributions to art, culture, and the elevated blood pressure of left-wing academics, PC-crusaders, and art-world charlatans across the length and breadth of this great nation.

In the meantime, you can be the first on your block to partake of the imminent frenzy. The New Criterion is a friend and nurturer of tradition, but let no one say we are not also admirably up-to-date. For one thing, we just redid our Facebook and Twitter pages according to all the latest specifications, and the media mavens on our staff have generously supplied me with the following instructions so you, my readers, may “like” and “follow” The New Criterion free and for nothing. Just click the appropriate buttons and you will have beat Oprah and the U.S. Congress in the rush to recognize the magazine that John O’Sullivan described, with his usual understatement, as “quite simply, the best cultural review in the world.”

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