Roger’s Rules

Now for a moment of shameless self-promotion

Looking for some good news in the midst of Barney Frank’s and Christopher Dodd’s latest gift to the U.S. economy? Here’s a little something to write home about: the new, much-expanded, totally reset, and otherwise improved third edition of my book Tenured Radicals: How Politics Has Corrupted Our Higher Education is just out from Ivan R. Dee. No home or library should be without a copy. Want to irritate your neighbor who happens to be a college professor? Leave a copy lying on your coffee table when you invite him over for drinks. Better yet, send him a copy. The book is guaranteed to infuriate the squads of politically correct, multicultural, pseudo-diversity mongers who run today’s colleges and universities. Christmas is just around the corner: stock up now! Click here to order your copy (or copies) now!