Another day, another dull debate

One thing is certain: The Obama-McCain debates will not be remembered like Lincoln-Douglas.  In fact, I doubt they will be remembered at all.  I can barely remember the first two – and it’s only been a couple of weeks.


If I had to call the debate tonight, I would have called it a draw (although I’m in no way reliable, have a cold and kept nodding off).  That’s bad for McCain obviously, since he’s trailing.  But it’s worse.  According to the Frank Luntz “undecided voter” focus group on Fox (don’t you love these things?), McCain was the loser (barely).

Are we learning in this interminable process that there is something wrong with our system or am I just easily bored?  Probably both.  But perhaps we should do some reviewing after this is all over.  This endless campaign system of ours profits no one but the media and their attendant hangers on.  [Doesn’t that include you?-ed. Mea culpa, mea culpa.]  There’s got to be a better way.

[And better people?-ed. That too.]



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