"Wheels Keep on Turnin'"

Those wild and crazy guys at the UN apparently don’t know when to quit:

UNITED NATIONS – The man who abruptly retired as Kofi Annan’s cabinet chief after shredding papers related to the Oil-for-Food program has been shredding still more documents at the United Nations, an eyewitness told FOX News.


Iqbal Riza, who has been working on a $1-a-year salary as a special advisor to Annan, has been shredding large quantities of unknown documents in his new 10th-floor U.N. office across the street from the U.N. Secretariat building, the source said.

I guess that’s what we’ll all have to look forward to when those great international public servants take over the Internet. Personally, I’m getting my bribes in early. Iqbal, baby… lunch? (ht: Fausta)



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