Hate U.

If current Daily News rundown of anti-Semitic/anti-Zionist activities at Columbia University is even half correct (make that a quarter correct), the administration in Morningside Heights has a problem – a sertious number of their faculty members are mentally ill. They don’t even seem borderline rational.


What does this mean? Some at Coumbia may pretend this is a “free speech” issue, but would they have members of the KKK on the faculty? I think not. Their admin will have to face this soon or deal with a significant decline in their reputation, which is already not nearly as good as it once was.

But there is a good side–call it “The New York Times Syndrome.” As a graduate of two Ivy League institutions (Dartmouth and Yale) I am beginning to question the Ivy educational hegemony in general. Of course, I was always “supposedly” skeptical of it, but now my skepticism is firming up. Imagine the waste of educational time (not to mention your parents or your money) spent in the classroom with these bozos – unless you’re studying “abnormal psych” in the Middle East studies department, a strategy not apt to get you the requisite professional degree, even if it is weirdly educational. (via JG)



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