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An emailer pointed toward this morning’s NYT article Movies > Movies News and Features > Hollywood Screenwriters Weigh a Real-Life Revolution at the Ballot Box” href=”http://www.nytimes.com/2004/09/18/movies/MoviesFeatures/18Writers.html”> Hollywood Screenwriters Weigh a Real-Life Revolution at the Ballot Box, wondering if this wasn’t another example of the blogosphere (mostly this blog in this case) influencing MSM converage. I sincerely doubt it. This election is the most controversial in my over thirty years of WGA membership. As the Times’ Dennis McDougal puts it:


The presidential contest is between a ferocious reformer, Eric Hughes – who not only wants to fire the group’s paid executives but is also assisting a legal assault on the guild’s high-stakes system for settling film and television credits disputes – and the incumbent, Daniel Petrie Jr., who believes the members need institutional peace after losing two presidents this year under circumstances that were bizarre, even for the entertainment business.

Votes close September 20. I made my position clear on this one a while ago. I’m backing Eric.


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