Silver Star

If anybody told me that fifteen years after I met Ron Silver… just before he was about to start acting in a movie I had written — Enemies, A Love Story… that he and I would be virtually the only “Hollywood liberals” publicly backing a “Bush” for the presidency, I would have told him or her they were drinking too much tequila (or imbibing controlled substances).


But with far more guts than I, Ron has come out pro-War on Terror and therefore pro-Bush. The New York Times this morning is asking him the inevitable question — is this costing him work? Ron says no, but who can know without a clone? In any case, in these times when who deserves a “Silver Star” is much disputed, Ron Silver gets mine. [Big deal. That’s worth about ten cents. It’s not even pure silver.–ed. Well, he can throw it over the fence if he wants to.]



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