Woman Sentenced for Sending Ricin to Trump

Pascale Ferrier mug shot, courtesy of Hidalgo County (Texas) Sheriff’s Office

Given the fanatical determination of the Biden regime and the entire leftist elite class to see Donald Trump barred from running again in 2024 (as an “insurrectionist,” doncha know), found guilty on dozens of bogus felony charges, and even possibly to die in prison, the outcome of this story was more than a little surprising. A woman sent Donald Trump a letter containing ricin, and instead of being feted at the White House (maybe with a bit of Hunter’s own favorite white powder) and getting the Presidential Medal of Freedom, she is looking at 22 years in the slammer. She was just trying to do her part! Is that the gratitude she gets?


The Hill reported on Thursday that Pascale Ferrier, who isn’t even an American at all, but a dual citizen of Canada and France and a resident of Quebec, did her part for diversity, equity, inclusion, and the ongoing hegemony of the far left south of the border (the Canadian border, that is) by mailing then-President Trump a letter filled with ricin, a deadly poison derived from castor beans. Ferrier “pleaded guilty in January to making ricin in her home and mailing Trump and eight Texas law enforcement officials threatening letters laced with it.”

Yet Ferrier had what the likes of Old Joe Biden and Merrick Garland would consider to be the noblest of motives. In her ricin-laced letter to the Bad Orange Man, Ferrier exhorted him to “[g]ive up and remove [his] application for this election,” that is, the election of 2020. Now, that’s exactly what this barrage of trumped-up, if you’ll pardon the expression, felony charges is designed to accomplish now: getting Trump to give up and withdraw from the election of 2024.

So why are the feds coming down so hard on Pascale Ferrier? She was trying to do exactly what they are trying to do: remove Donald Trump from public life by the most unscrupulous of means, with no regard for the consequences for the nation. Ferrier’s only mistake is that she is cruder and less sophisticated than Garland, Alvin Bragg, Jack Smith, Fani Willis, and the rest. They want Trump politically dead, while Ferrier wanted him literally dead. The effect would be the same in either case, but Garland, Bragg and the rest can sleep better at night knowing that they aren’t trying to kill the man, they’re just murdering him politically.


Ferrier, on the other hand, does seem to have had more immediately lethal intent. The Hill notes that after she mailed her poison-pen letters, she “drove from Canada to a border crossing bridge in Buffalo, N.Y., where border patrol agents arrested her after finding a loaded firearm, hundreds of rounds of ammunition and other weapons in her possession.” When she entered her guilty plea, U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Matthew Graves intoned piously that “there is no place for political violence in our country, and no excuse for threatening public officials or endangering our public servants.”

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That depends, however, upon how one endangers them. Spinning misdemeanors into felonies, and then multiplying the felonies so as to make one’s charges appear more formidable? That’s fine. Attempting to criminalize simply speaking out to question an election that Democrats won, when Democrats have been questioning the integrity of Republican victories for decades? That doesn’t endanger our public servants, you see. All that is just fine.

Pascale Ferrier’s mistake was that she tried to do with ricin what the Democrat leadership is attempting to do by means of legal legedermain. Unlike Ferrier, what they wish to do with Trump will leave him alive. In their best-case scenario, however, he will before too long be placed behind bars and spend the rest of his days there, as a perpetual warning to other critics of the Biden regime and whatever horror comes after it: don’t step out of line, or the same fate will befall you.


The persecution of Donald Trump is an effort to frighten those who would dare question the people in power. Critics of Old Joe can see the full weight of the regime being brought to bear on Trump, and as Cheeto Mussolini himself has said, it’s not really him they’re after at all, it’s us. Just not in the way Pascale Ferrier tried to do it. They are cleverer than that. But not by much.



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