Berlin University Tells Students Not to Call Cops on Sex Offender. Can You Guess Why?

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Leftism is at war with reality: women are men, men are the first female admirals and champion female swimmers, Old Joe Biden is competent, capable and coherent, drag queens are suitable entertainers for primary school children, and on and on and on. But every war has its casualties, as Leftists are learning these days at Free University in Berlin. A sex offender has been running wild and harassing women there for weeks, but the university has warned the victims not to call the police. The reason why they shouldn’t is as obvious as it is outrageous: the sex offender is a migrant, so calling the cops on him would be “racist.”


The German-language Berliner Morgenpost reported that “in a circular email, the General Student Committee (AStA) of Free University Berlin [FU, and stop snickering] not only warns against a man who has been sexually harassing and threatening female students for a long time, but also against calling the Berlin police if you come into contact with him. On the contrary, people who encounter him and feel bothered by him are strongly advised not to do so. Instead, you should first contact the security service of the university.”

This instruction was not given because the Free University has so much confidence in its own security service that it doesn’t think contacting the police is necessary. The letter goes on to make it clear that the admonition not to call the police is based on concern for the well-being of the perpetrator. It asserts that “police operations for people affected by racism are generally associated with an increased risk of experiencing police violence.” Well, heavens to betsy, we can’t have that.

And so this individual has essentially free rein: the Morgenpost notes that he has “appeared again and again at various locations in the FU,” and “behaved in a sexist and abusive manner toward women. So far, he has not been physically violent, but there have been threats of violence. He is said to have stalked one person for a long time.” He has essentially behaved with impunity for quite some time, apparently beginning in December. This suggests that he is aware that authorities are reluctant to call the police on him. The university confirmed that “in the past there have been several complaints from university members about harassment on campus by a non-university person.” He was banned from the campus, but went on harassing women in the neighborhood of the university.


Instead of calling the police, the university recommends that students who encounter this repulsive lout call the social psychiatric service, but caution that even this can only be done if the sex offender himself consents. This was reminiscent of the Defund The Police initiatives in the United States, in which Leftists floated the idea of sending social workers, rather than police officers, to crime scenes. The idea might sound great in a late-night conversation accompanied by a little weed and Lizzo’s latest hit, but in the harsh light of morning it’s a different matter, as it always is with the Left’s fictions and fantasies.

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The only people who are going to suffer because of FU’s flight from reality and deep concern for the well-being of their local migrant sex offender are the women whom he is going to harass and possibly even attack while the authorities stand by and do nothing for fear of being called “racist.” We have seen this before: in the English town of Rotherham, “At least 1,400 children were subjected to appalling sexual exploitation in Rotherham between 1997 and 2013,” and British officials did nothing; they “described their nervousness about identifying the ethnic origins of perpetrators for fear of being thought as racist; others remembered clear direction from their managers not to do so.”

How many more women are going to suffer, in the UK and Germany and all over Europe, so that authorities don’t have to live with the fear that someone, somewhere thinks of them as “racist”? How many women in the U.S. have to suffer for the same reason?


The absurdity of the Free University’s directive is the best recruitment tool that opponents of Leftism in Germany have had for years. Will they take advantage of it? They wouldn’t have to work very hard to do so. When your opponent is at war with reality, even just quietly affirming what is true is a revolutionary act of courage.


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