Fauci: First U.S. Omicron Case was Vaccinated, Now Protect Yourself by Getting Vaccinated

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That sound you’re hearing is the sound of the goalposts moving yet again. On Wednesday, America’s beloved COVID guru, who would never, ever lead us astray, made the expected announcement about the new super monster COVID that’s going to kill each and every one of us all week and twice on Sunday: it’s here. “The California and San Francisco departments of public health and the CDC,” the pint-sized prophet intoned, “have confirmed that a recent case of COVID-19 among an individual in California was caused by omicron variant.” South African Doctor Angelique Coetzee, who discovered the new killer variant, has told us to relax, it’s not that big a deal, but Fauci gave no hint of that as he made his announcement. This is no time for a voice of reason! It’s time (once again) to panic!


Fauci said that “genomic sequencing” at the University of California at San Francisco confirmed that the patient had not come down with ordinary, garden-variety COVID, but with the dreaded new variant, which has been politely named “omicron” instead of “xi,” which it would have been if the Greek alphabet sequence that the World Health Organization had followed up to now in naming the variants had continued. But that might have shed uncomfortable light on the role of China and its president Xi Jinping, and for the love of all that is good and decent, we can’t have that.

According to Fauci, the omicron variant sufferer “was a traveler who returned from South Africa on November the 22nd and tested positive on November the 29th. The individual is self-quarantining and all close contacts have been contacted and all close contacts thus far have tested negative. The individual was fully vaccinated and experienced mild symptoms which are improving at this point.”

“All closed contacts thus far have tested negative.” “The individual…experienced mild symptoms.” Wow, run for the hills! The sky is falling!

Fauci went on to reiterate that everything would be all right if we just do what he has been telling us to do from the beginning:

So this is the first confirmed case of Covid-19 caused by the omicron variant detected in the United States. And as all of you know, of course, we’ve been discussing this, we knew it was just a matter of time before the first case of omicron would be detected in the United States. And as you know, we know, I’ve been saying it and my colleagues on the medical team and others have been saying it, we know what we need to do to protect people: get vaccinated if you’re not already vaccinated, get boosted if you’ve been vaccinated for more than six months with an mRNA, or two months with J & J, and all the other things we’ve been talking about: getting your children, masking at indoor congregate settings, et cetera.


“Get vaccinated”? But the omicron patient was vaccinated, Doc, by your own admission. “Get boosted”? Ah, is that it? One more jab and all will be well? It’s interesting that Fauci didn’t say anything either way about whether the omicron patient had received a booster. It’s even more interesting that we heard nothing whatsoever about booster shots when the vaccines first became available. On the contrary, we were told that a return to normal life was just around the corner; all we had to do was get the jab. Now people who have gotten the jab are still getting COVID, and all Fauci can say is Get more jabs. Great. How long will it be before the nation’s conscience, our beloved national schoolmarm, tells us we have to get shots every week to ward off this catastrophically deadly virus with a 99% recovery rate?

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It got even weirder on Monday when Moderna top dog Stéphane Bancel said that the omicron variant would lead to a “material drop” in the effectiveness of vaccines. “There is no world, I think, where [the effectiveness] is the same level…we had with Delta. All the scientists I’ve talked to…are like ‘this is not going to be good.’”

So the vaccines are going to get less effective than they already are, yet Fauci says we must ward off the deadly omicron by getting vaccinated, even though the first U.S. omicron case was vaccinated. The response to this is always, “Ah, but it would have been so much worse if they hadn’t been vaccinated,” but that is an unproven article of faith for the Fauciites. And as evidence mounts of severe side effects from the vaccines, a dangerous one.


So it’s time to get another jab, and when that one fails too, it will be time to get yet another. Don’t worry. Trust Fauci. He is, after all, science itself.



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