Andrew Cuomo’s Ominous Reaction to the Rittenhouse Verdict

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Amid the numerous insane reactions on the Left to the verdict in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial, the one from disgraced former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D-Nursing Homes) didn’t rate high on the hysteria meter. Nonetheless, Cuomo’s words revealed a great deal, likely more than he intended, about the mindset of the Left today and its sinister agenda for the future.


Cuomo tweeted: “Today’s verdict is a stain on the soul of America, & sends a dangerous message about who & what values our justice system was designed to protect[.] We must stand unified in rejecting supremacist vigilantism & with one voice say: this is not who we are.”

A man who left thousands of people to die of COVID in nursing homes and is accused of multiple incidents of sexual harassment would be well-advised to think twice before talking about stains on the soul, but far worse is that Cuomo would have us believe that the acquittal of a man who clearly acted in self-defense “sends a dangerous message about who & what values our justice system was designed to protect.” Despite the fact that no evidence whatsoever was presented at the trial to support the establishment media claim echoed by Old Joe Biden that Kyle Rittenhouse is a “white supremacist,” Cuomo still decries “supremacist vigilantism.”

It is enlightening to imagine Cuomo’s ideal world. Apparently, he is trying to convince those who still take him seriously, if there are any such people, that Rittenhouse was acquitted because he was white, and that his acquittal is a manifestation of that “white privilege” the Left is so upset about these days. And his dismissal of Rittenhouse’s acting in self-defense as “supremacist vigilantism” is even worse: apparently, as far as Cuomo and his ilk are concerned, there is no right to self-defense when one is white and defending himself from violent Leftist rioters, as was Rittenhouse.


Rep. Judy Chu (D-California SSR)’s reaction to the verdict was similar to Cuomo’s, albeit more succinct. Chu tweeted simply: “Our gun laws are protecting the wrong people.” On the surface, this doesn’t seem that bad — not remotely in the same league with the frothing hysteria of the likes of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio and even the “angry and concerned” Joe Biden. However, Chu’s eight words look worse the longer one thinks about them.

Who, in the first place, are the “wrong people”? White people, of course, and especially white people who are defending themselves from rioting Leftist mobs. Cuomo and Chu are attempting to undercut and ultimately destroy the idea that any resistance, any resistance at all, to the violent Left is acceptable. When the likes of Anthony Huber, Joseph Rosenbaum, and Gaige Grosskreutz come to your city and start rioting, you must not interfere with them, even if they storm your home and threaten your family. You can’t do anything. The authoritarian Left is taking over, and it will brook no dissent and no resistance. You must submit, because you are evil, a beneficiary of privilege due to the color of your skin, and so your subjugation is a simple matter of justice and the redress of ancient grievances.


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It is fitting that one of the primary people advancing this narrative after the Rittenhouse verdict is Andrew Cuomo, who for so many years was the beneficiary of the establishment media’s mythmaking machine, which presented him as America’s greatest governor and a hero of our times versus the venal and hapless Trump, when in reality he was warehousing COVID patients in nursing homes and letting them die. Cuomo’s take on the Rittenhouse verdict is just as contrary to fact as was last year’s narrative about how skillfully and efficiently he had faced down COVID in New York. The Left’s entire narrative on the Kyle Rittenhouse case has always been more fantasy than fact, just like Cuomo’s record of success as New York governor.

It’s silly and pathetic, but it’s also quite serious. Cuomo, Chu, and their colleagues and friends will in the coming days and weeks work assiduously to present the Rittenhouse verdict as a monumental injustice that only confirms their hateful and paranoid claims about America being a racist society with a two-tier justice system that favors white males. The crowning irony is that America really does have a two-tier justice system, but its beneficiaries are Leftists such as Andrew Cuomo, who will never see the inside of a prison for his disastrous mishandling of the COVID crisis and accompanying lies. If he had had an R after his name, he would be making license plates already. But that’s not who we are, as Cuomo would say, not in this woke era when Leftists skate no matter what they do. That’s the real injustice, not anything connected to Kyle Rittenhouse.



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