MSNBC Host: ‘White Supremacy Is Now a Key Ideology of the Republican Party’

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If it’s absurd and incendiary, it must be MSNBC: The far-Left propaganda network’s Mehdi Hasan claimed Friday that the Republican Party is now all in on pushing white supremacist. Deriding Republicans’ opposition to “critical race theory” and warnings about the “great replacement theory,” Hasan declared: “It’s white nationalist propaganda,” now central to the Republican message. It was yet another manifestation of stupid and inciteful paranoia on MSNBC, but with a special edge: Remember, the Biden administration has been insisting that “white supremacists” constitute the nation’s foremost terror threat. Read against that backdrop, the chilling import of Hasan’s hysteria becomes clear.


Hasan ranted: “It’s the kind of thing that led to Hispanics being gunned down in El Paso. It led to Jews being massacred in a synagogue in Pittsburgh. It used to be backed by Trump alone. Now it’s [Rep.] Elise Stefanik, who is supposed to be a moderate Republican. In 2016, she didn’t show up to the RNC because she objected to Trump. Now she’s pushing this nonsense.”

“It tells you, sadly, white supremacy is now a key ideology of the Republican Party,” he added. “It’s not white nationalist-adjacent. It’s part and parcel of the party’s views.”

“There are no moderate Republicans left,” said Hasan. “When it came to voting rights, Liz Cheney and [Adam] Kinzinger voted against voting rights. Where are the Republicans, where the entire party is heading into the arms of neo-Nazis?”

On August 3, Old Joe Biden’s ghostwriter wrote this in his name in USA Today about the psychopath who murdered 23 people in a Walmart in El Paso:

[He] thought that his hatred of immigrants could prove more powerful than the culture and vibrancy of the people of this community. He was wrong. Yet America’s intelligence community has confirmed what the people of El Paso know all too well: the most lethal terrorist threat to our homeland in recent years has been domestic terrorism rooted in white supremacy.  We cannot ignore it.  We must confront the spread of hate-fueled violence in every form.


In a similar vein, Nancy Pelosi in June not only repeated the common and yet completely unsubstantiated claim that the Capitol incident constituted an “insurrection,” but claimed that it was rooted in “white supremacy,” as well as in “the anti-Semitism, the Islamophobia.” That was just after the Pentagon announced that it was going to start combating the “lethal threat” of white supremacy among American military personnel. Attorney General Merrick Garland likewise claimed in May that white supremacists posed “the most dangerous threat to our democracy.”

And now, after the president of the United States, the speaker of the House, the attorney general, and the Defense department have all gone on record saying that “white supremacists” constitute the biggest terror threat that the nation faces today, MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan claims that “white supremacy is now a key ideology of the Republican Party.” The upshot of all this is clear: Hasan is attempting to lay the groundwork for nothing less than the criminalization of the Republican Party on the basis of the contention that it is fueling terrorism in the United States. This would, of course, make America a one-party state with even less of a political choice than the Republicans offer today, and that would likely be fine with a Leftist authoritarian such as Hasan, who long ago made clear his opposition to the freedom of speech.


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Still, Mehdi Hasan is just a crazy MSNBC host, right? That’s certainly true. And cooler heads surely prevail in the Biden administration and its Justice department, right? We can hope. But Hasan is not alone. Robert Grenier, who served as the CIA station chief for Pakistan and Afghanistan and later as director of the CIA Counterterrorism Center, declared in February in a discussion about the January 6 “insurrection”: “You know, even at the seeming height of the crisis immediately after 9/11, there really weren’t that many members of al-Qaida in Afghanistan. And the thrust of our campaign there was, yes, to hunt down al-Qaida, but primarily to remove the supportive environment in which they were able to live and to flourish.”

What is the “supportive environment” for the January 6 “insurrectionists”? Why, those who support Trump, believe in election integrity, and oppose the Biden administration’s far-Left agenda. In other words, that “supportive environment” is made up of millions of ordinary Americans who don’t like the direction the country is going in today. They’re the people Mehdi Hasan had in mind when he claimed that the Republican Party was full of “white supremacists.” And they’re the ones these Leftist authoritarians will be going after.




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