Ilhan Omar and Other Democrat Representatives Call for Special Envoy to Combat ‘Islamophobia’

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The sage and visionary Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Mogadishu) looked out at our unhappy land and saw just what we need to usher in a new era of healing, peace, and prosperity. And so she has made yet another modest proposal for the correction and improvement of the land that gave her refuge, and that she so clearly loves: The Blaze reported Tuesday that Omar, along with many of her most prominent Democrat Party henchmen, “are urging Secretary of State Antony Blinken to establish a special envoy to combat Islamophobia.” Because clearly “Islamophobia” is the key problem America faces today, right?


Joining Omar in this ridiculous endeavor are Rep. Jan Schakowsky of Illinois and 23 other Democrats, including Reps. Karen Bass of California, Jim McGovern of Massachusetts, Rashida Tlaib of Ramallah, the inaptly named Adam Smith of Washington, Sara Jacobs of California, Debbie Dingell of Michigan, Judy Chu of California and Steve Cohen of Tennessee. They wrote to Blinken: “As part of our commitment to international religious freedom and human rights, we must recognize Islamophobia as a pattern that is repeating in nearly every corner of the globe. It is past time for the United States to stand firmly in favor of religious freedom for all, and to give the global problem of Islamophobia the attention and prioritization it deserves.”

Yes, it’s a “global problem,” and indeed, the only examples of it they could come up with are from outside the United States. “In addition to state-sponsored policies of Islamophobia,” they wrote, “we have seen a disturbing rise in incidents of Islamophobic violence committed by individuals connected to larger transnational white supremacist networks, including but by no means limited to the mosque shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand in 2019 and the recent murder of a Muslim Canadian family in London, Ontario.”

The Democrats want Blinken “to specifically include anti-Muslim violence per se in next year’s annual human rights reports.”

All right. But will the human rights reports note the large number of faked anti-Muslim hate crimes? Will the human rights reports make a clear distinction between the two quite different ways the propaganda neologism “Islamophobia” is used? The term “Islamophobia” is an illegitimate conflation of two distinct phenomena: crimes against innocent Muslims, which are never justified, and honest analysis of the motivating ideology of jihad terror, which is always necessary. Islamic advocacy groups and their leftist allies have been insisting for years that such analysis, too, constituted “Islamophobia.” The Democrats’ letter talks of “Islamophobic violence,” but if this “special envoy” is created, he or she will without any doubt crack down on honest discussion of how Islamic jihadis use the texts and teachings of Islam to justify violence and oppression, supposedly in the interests of protecting innocent Muslims against vigilante attacks. The special envoy will be another agent in the Left’s escalating war against freedom of speech.


Meanwhile, Omar would certainly denounce any and all who point it out as “Islamophobes,” but according to Fox News, she recently “retweeted a video produced by an anti-Israel organization previously investigated by the FBI for possible terrorist ties.” The International Solidarity Movement (ISM) has been investigated for possible links to jihad terrorists. The special envoy for Islamophobia would shelter Omar from any political fallout she may have suffered as a result of this, but that only demonstrates that this envoy may not be needed at all, as Omar has the sclerotic Pelosi/Schumer wing of the Democratic Party thoroughly cowed. They don’t need an “Islamophobia” envoy to tell them to tiptoe around her; they’re already doing it.

In light of her obvious anti-Semitism and hatred for the United States, if this were a sane world, even Democratic Party leaders would long ago have called upon Omar to resign from the House of Representatives, and she would already have faded from the public eye, never to hold an office of the public trust again. Instead, she is a rising star. Even if she doesn’t get her “Islamophobia” envoy, she is going to get plenty more. As the Democratic Party continues to pander to its far-Left base, the sky’s the limit for the representative from Minneapolis. She can’t (at least for now) run for president since she was born outside the United States, but — Majority Leader Omar? Speaker Omar? Why not? Where is there a force within the Democratic Party that is strong enough and has the will to stand against her?


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