'It's Like It Was Written By a Committee of Chat GPTS': Biden Ad Campaign's Epic Fail

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Joe Biden will raise north of $1.5 billion before the 2024 campaign is over. That's a truly ungodly sum of money. 

But what's he going to spend it on? A huge chunk of that cash will be spent on political advertising. Will that advertising campaign highlight Biden's accomplishments as president and leader of the free world?


Not hardly.

Joe Biden is in a position similar to that of other failed presidents. And that means he will try desperately to make his opponent the issue. Donald Trump is certainly a target-rich environment, but voters aren't concerned about Trump's foibles. They want to know what Biden will do to get us out of this mess.

But Biden decided to double down and go after Trump anyway. Matt Margolis reported that the Biden campaign was going to spend $50 million on ads solemnly informing the American voter that Donald Trump was convicted of a felony. 

It would be one thing if they were good ads. But the universal reaction to Biden's $50 million ad campaign tagging Trump as a convicted felon ranges from "Is this the best they can do?" to "You've got to be kidding."

 "It’s soulless," political strategist Steve Schmidt, a fierce Trump critic, recently said on his "The Warning" podcast. "It’s flat." 

"It’s like it was written by a committee of chat GPTS."


"The ad sucks," Schmidt added. "It’s terrible. It doesn’t raise anybody’s pulse. It won’t do anything except burn money."

Meanwhile, the Trump campaign is almost gleeful that Biden has wasted $50 million telling the country what they already know about the former president.

"The Biden campaign has burnt nearly $80M in paid advertising on issues irrelevant to the everyday lives of the American People," Trump campaign press secretary Karoline Leavitt told Fox News Digital after President Biden launched the $50 million ad blitz.

"Lighting another $50M on fire to tout yet another irrelevant issue will not change the trajectory of this race and trick Americans into thinking that Crooked Joe Biden’s presidency has been anything other than an unmitigated disaster," she continued.


Fox News:

Trump’s conviction has not resulted in a noticeable rejection from voters via polling in the last couple of weeks. A recent poll in Iowa shows Trump ahead of Biden by 18 points after he won the state by only 8 points in 2020.

The first battleground state polling following Trump's conviction released in early June showed his conviction appears to have had little effect on his support.

Despite receiving a slight bump in polls following Trump's conviction, Axios reported that Biden's numbers have stayed about the same over the past few months while the president spent twice as much on ads as Trump since early March. 

Biden's approval rating average hit an all-time low on June 9 during Trump's trial, Axios reported.

It's almost as if the left thinks that if they just say it louder — TRUMP IS A CONVICTED FELON!!! — that the American people will clap their hands to their foreheads and exclaim, "Now I got it!" "Trump is bad. Trump is very bad. Trump is bad, bad, bad."

Dr. Seuss would have been proud of them.



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